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Ashley Cole looking to his future with Derby move 1: How do you stop Zlatan Ibrahimovic? I'm very excited to work with Ibrahimovic 2: FC pundits remember Sigi Schmid 5: Atlanta United FC. Chicago Fire. FC Cincinnati. Columbus Crew SC. DC United. Montreal Impact. New England Revolution.

NBA Star Index: Davis changes trade tune

New York City FC. Battleheart Google Play Link: This is a strategy game where you control up to 4 characters at the same time. Whats fun about this is that its not turn based. You drag lines from your character to the place you want to go or monster you want to attack. Its simply fun and gets harder when you control all 4 characters at the same time. You can also use skills and special powers. Its a paid game though, but it isnt that expensive Additional Notes: Destinia Google Play Link: This is a top-notch action-rpg game.

Aside from the amazing storyline, you can fight monsters to level up, hunt for items, hunt for gold, add stats, learn skills and complete missions. You can even go online and sell your items, buy other player's items and fight other players of your same level. What astounds me the most is that you get all these in a FREE 6mb game! Additional Notes: This is optimized for at least HVGA size screens.

It works on QVGA, but the font is a bit hard to read. Its not totally unreadable though. Megamall Story Google Play Link: This is my favorite of all the kairosoft games I have played. Your job here is to manage your own mall. You build different shops and facilities as you progress through the game. Its fairly simple and a fun casual time-passer. I would also like to share my technique on how to get "Fever Time" every month in the game. You have to be well progressed already to do this.

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After building it you dont have to wait to finish building it , remove it. Repeat continuously. Removing it will cost you -1 popularity. Pudding Monster Google Play Link: Another awesome puzzle game from zeptolab. The goal of the game is to get all the "pudding monsters" attached to each other. A bonus is achieved when you attach them in such a way that all of them are on top of star tiles. An awesome action shooter for android. Your job is to go through town, killing as many zombies as you want. Each zombie killed gives gold, which later on you can use to buy new guns and ammo.

There are even melee weapons for added fun!

Galaxy Ace

Apparatus Google Play Link: This is a very creative puzzle game. The goal is to get a small ball into a basket. You do this by making all sorts of amazing contraptions. Your imagination might as well be the limit Additional Notes: Ceramic Destroyer Google Play Link: This is a puzzle game where you destroy a ceramic artpiece by shooting bombs at it.

Stickman Basketball for Samsung Galaxy Y S - free download APK file for Galaxy Y S

As the levels progress, you get more types of bombs. The goal of the game is to destroy the whole ceramic sculpture, which gets harder and harder everytime. Another perfect casual puzzle game. Deathworm Google Play Link: This is an action game where you control a giant worm.

Its like playing snake, only your worm cant leave the ground unless he jumps , and you eat people, trucks, and tanks Additional Notes: This is a cool robot game with high-end graphics. Works very smoothly on our device. You enter different missions, where, basically, you just go around killing other robots.

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Are you a fan of shooter games? Well this one is something you should not miss out on. You control a turret-type gunner, whose purpose it to destroy all incoming enemies. As the game progresses, you can buy various upgrades to make your gunner stronger. To add, the graphics and controls are pretty awesome as well!

This is a very fun action-puzzle game. Here you control a cube, and your objective is to move the cube through various obstacles and on to the final checkpoint. This is a very good game to pass the time. Joining Hands Google Play Link: This game was epic on iOS. Here is one of the most popular puzzle game yet! Tank Hero Google Play Link: Most of you probably have played "Tank" in the family computer console. Here is a remake for android!

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This is a fun, action-filled game with decent graphics. This is an action based game where you control a ball, which you have to move through certain obstacles to get to the goal. The game has nice 3D graphics and is packed with hours of gameplay. The sensor-based controls can also be very appealing to certain players. Sentinel 3: Homeworld Google Play Link: This is one of the most gorgeous tower defense I have yet to play. It has nice and clean graphics, and also has mission and free game modes.

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I used to play this game on my s40 phone, now its here on android! The aim of the game is to get your cart to the other end of the race track. Your objective is to balance the cart as it goes through the course by tilting it left and right. Puzzle Family Google Play Link: This game is filled with tons of popular minigames. This is one of the best time wasters in the market, not to mention the graphics is adorably cute. Let's Create! Pottery Google Play Link: This is a one of a kind game where you mold your own pottery! You start with a request for a pottery, where you will be given a picture and you have to mold a pot which is exactly alike with the picture given.

You go through many different missions, creating various shapes, sizes, and designs.

Top 10: Basketball Games For Android

This is a very good relaxing game. Pocket God Google Play Link: In this game you play the role of God of tribesmen called Oogles. You can control many different things in the game like the weather, animals and physics. Its loads of fun just messing around with the Oogles. Aside from that, you can also play many in-built minigames.