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Practical Applications of Mathematics in Everyday Life | Owlcation

Or spending way too much time at the gym or playing on my phone. When am I ever going to use math in real life? Here are awesome 10 examples of how mathematics applies to the real-world: Building Design and Architecture. Sports Performance Analysis. Urban Planning. Athletic Training. Electronic Music Production. Quantum Physics. Fashion Design.

VR Video Game Design. Recipes are really just mathematical algorithms or self-contained, step-by-step sets of operations to be performed.

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The proof is in the pudding! Working in the kitchen requires a wide range of mathematical knowledge, including but not limited to:. Following a recipe can sometimes be tricky, especially if conversions are necessary.

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  • Practical Applications of Mathematics in Everyday Life.
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Teacher tip: Plus you get to eat yummy food together! Kids and adults! Calculating fuel usage is crucial to long distance travel. Without it, you may find yourself stranded without gas or on the road for much longer than anticipated. You may also use math throughout the trip by paying for tolls, counting exit numbers, checking tire pressure, etc. Reading a map is almost a lost art, requiring just a little time, orientation, and some basic math fundamentals.

It will make them safer travelers and less dependent on technology.

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Plus it's a lot of fun to use old-school maps, drawing out paths to follow, and estimating how long it will take to get somewhere or how many miles will be covered. Teacher tip 1: Plan pretend trips as a class or in groups. Next, have them pinpoint nearby crossroads, intersections, or an easily identifiable point such as a bridge, building, or highway entrance.

Now you can determine the best route depending on terrain, speed limit, and so on. Purchasing inexpensive paper maps is a fun way to incorporate this activity into your class. Or go high-tech and use map apps found online. Teacher tip 2: In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This gets a bit trickier around midday as the sun appears directly overhead at noon.

Most experts agree that without strong math skills , people tend to invest, save, or spend money based on their emotions. A student who thoroughly grasps the concepts of exponential growth and compound interest will be more inclined to better manage debt. By continually showing how specific math lessons apply to real life financial situations and budgeting, kids can learn how to properly spend and save their money without fear or frustration. Practice investing! Allot your students a set amount of pretend money individually or in groups.

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After teaching them about saving, investing, and interest, have them make financial decisions with their cash. Follow the stock market and check in on their savings weekly so they can see their totals rise or fall. Teach your students about the value of time by not only teaching how to tell time on analogue and digital clocks, but about the world clock, time zones, calendars, and the value of how they spend their precious time. In our fast-paced, modern world, we can easily get distracted and find the time has blown by without accomplishing what we meant to.

Have your students set goals and determine how much time they must put aside daily or weekly to achieve these goals.

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Connecting to Math in Real Life

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